DIY artichoke medicine

Yes, I love all the plants and their medicines. So it really is never fair for me to call one plant/medicine my “favorite.”

Still, artichoke is one of my top-tier favorites.

It started when I was a kid: My mother is always very proper, eating (and demanding everyone else eat) everything with a fork and a knife. Even sandwiches. Even pizza.

So it was a super special treat to eat artichokes the only way they can be: with one’s hands (and lots of lemon and butter or olive oil.)

As a backyard gardener, I didn’t grow artichoke for years. The plant takes up a lot of space but gives you just a few flower buds for food. Not worth it, I thought.

Until I started studying herbalism.

That’s when I realized that the edible part is only a fraction of artichoke’s worth. The medicine, you see, is in the leaves.

I recently made some medicine from the plant in my back yard. Watch this video to see how and why I’m such a big fan of this garden medicine.



Super easy, right? You can use this process for almost all of your leafy herbal medicines.

If you’re making garden medicines right now, let me know what you’re most excited about. And if you’re just getting started, I’d love to hear how it goes for you.


—Dr. Orna


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