flower-essence detox pilot program

This December I am launching something really unique: A safe, gentle and effective detox program using flower essences.

It’s been nine years in the making, and I want to get everything right. I need a handful of folks to help me hone the program.

Starting on Oct. 13, I’m running a pilot version of the 28-day program and you’re invited to join me. Participants will get four flower-essence blends, one for each week, with emails and other collateral that I’m developing.

Why am I offering a detox program?

I asked myself that question for years. It’s taken me this long to offer because, honestly, I don’t really believe in detox programs.

Most detox programs and “cleanses” are about scaring you into buying things. I share the view of my colleague Dr. Mahalia Freed, who wrote: “You are not dirty, you do not need to cleanse.”

(Some people, of course, have extreme exposures or genetic impediments to healthy detoxifications. They should work directly with a trained practitioner who specializes in addressing those concerns.)

But detox isn’t just about eliminating bad things. It can also be about making space for healthy new things. Flower essences are especially powerful tools for this.

So I’ve decided to offer this program because:

  • Changing your mind can change your life. I’ve seen this for more than a decade in practice using flower essences.
  • People have momentum for self care at certain times of the year. Why not leverage that energy into something legitimately helpful?
  • Devoting a month to making intentional change in your life is a good thing. Clearing out impediments to health — whether that’s food choices or cigarettes or social-media excesses or thought patterns — creates room for what we really value.
  • I have something unique to offer. Why not try it and see what folks think?


Beta testing to get everything right

I ran a small pilot of this program two years ago and have used that feedback to update the formulas. Here’s what one participant said:

“When I began this program my emotional heart was suffering due to things out of my control. I was more than ready to dive deep and allow the essences to support me, which they absolutely did! Some old pain resurfaced, yet I was able to see things realistically, clearly, without denial clouding my vision. Became aware of some thought patterns that needed to be released. I am humbled and eternally grateful to be blessed by these potent formulas.”

Now I’m running a second, and larger pilot — and I’d love for you to join me.

A couple of things to note:

  • There are only 10 spots available in this pilot round.
  • There is an application process, and I will be hand selecting participants.
  • Registration closes on Sunday, October 6.
  • I will notify everyone about their status on October 7, and refund anyone who was not selected

When I launch the full program in December, the price will be $247. For this pilot, I’m charging just $79 — $168 off the price a few months from now.

(If you’re on my VIP email list, check your inbox for your exclusive discount coupon. If you’re not yet on my email list, sign up now for future discounts.)


How the program works

To join me, use the registration link to complete your application and submit your deposit. If you are not selected you will receive a full refund.

Early next week, I will send all participants a package via USPS containing the four flower-essence formulas. You also will receive an email with detailed explanation of the process and instructions.

Starting on Sunday, Oct. 13 (the full moon!) and each Sunday thereafter, check your inbox for information about that week’s essence formula. You’ll also get a short survey to complete online. The survey is intended as an opportunity for you to reflect on your week, as well as to give me feedback so I can improve things for the next round of folks.

I will create handouts and webinars about detoxification topics over the course of the program, and pilot participants will get them as soon as they’re available.

Ready to jump? Use the button below to apply!

Want to know more before you commit? I’ve made an FAQ page for you here. Remember, registration closes on Sunday — or sooner depending on demand.


Dr. Orna

P.S. Not sure if flower essences are right for you? Check out this video testimonial from one of my patients.


This offer is closed. Check back in December!