Introducing Alta Natural Medicine — telemedicine services for Alaskans

Astute watchers of social media may have noticed some quiet updates over the past few weeks. And on this winter solstice I want to share the great news officially:⁠

I am launching Alta Natural Medicine, my naturopathic practice in Alaska!⁠

For just over two years, I’ve been working on establishing a medical practice in Alaska. Before the pandemic hit, I planned to move from Portland to Homer, and practice there and in Anchorage.⁠

Those plans fell through just as the pandemic got real in the spring of 2020. With the ensuing restrictions and pandemic realities, staying put made sense — and felt right. ⁠

The dream didn’t die, but it did change shape. And in March of this year, I began conversations with a naturopathic colleague in Anchorage about affiliating with his practice — while staying in Portland and continuing to offer all my appointments virtually.⁠

Starting a business, especially a medical one, always takes more time, work and money than you expect. So here we are, nine months after that initial conversation, and I’m finally ready to announce the birth of Alta Natural Medicine, my virtual practice in Alaska.⁠

I will officially be opening my virtual doors to Alaska patients in mid January and appointments are available now.

Nothing is changing for my Oregon patients. I am staying in Portland for the foreseeable future, pandemic notwithstanding. ⁠

Want to know more? Jump over to my website, Alta Natural Medicine. It shares Internet space with my Oregon clinic, with specific pages dedicated to the Alaska experience. You can sign up there to be the first to know when appointments open in January — and get notice of events and special offers.⁠⁠

Thank you to all the Alaska folks who’ve waited patiently as I got this together.

If you know Alaskans who need naturopathic care, please tag and them here or share this post to let them know I’ll be open for business soon.⁠

I wish you a happy winter solstice, and may all good things come with the growing of the light!


—Dr. Orna


P.S. Ready to book your appointment? Go here to get started.