weight loss is a lie

I know: “Weight” and “diet” are dirty words.

That’s because you’ve been lied to about what they mean, how they work and what you actually need to do.

The simple truth: Healthy weight is a side effect of healthy living. Weight loss as a goal rarely works.

“Diet” plans make big promises, and they help just enough people to keep sales going. Most people hate the word “diet” because the plans just don’t work, or don’t lead to long-term success. In many cases, these quick-fix programs can actual worsen overall health.

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What does work? Eating real food. Moving your body. Getting consistent sleep. All the things we know we need to do.

And the side effects of these lifestyle changes? More energy. Mental clarity. Happy hormones. Healthy weight.

Please note that I’m intentionally talking about “healthy weight” rather than “weight loss.” Yes, we have a real problem with obesity and overweight in North America. But those are epidemiological statistics, and you are more than a number.

It’s both possible and common to be healthy at every size — I’ve seen it in my practice and the idea has become a movement within healthcare.

So get started. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Move your body, and then move it some more. Bring whole foods and veggies into your home and eat them. You’ve got this.

And if you need help figuring out the details for your life, get in touch. I’ve got you. If you’re in Oregon (or, soon, Alaska) you can make an appointment with me here.


—Dr. Orna