clearing the air: how to choose an air filter

After 2020’s apocalyptic wildfires, clean air has never felt more important.

While the smoke was still thick, I spent days researching air-purification options. Which air filter you choose depends on a couple of factors: what you need to filter, how big an area you need to filter, and your price range.

In this video I review some of the key considerations and a couple of top brands (I have no affiliate relationship with any of these companies.)



I’ve gone even deeper in a special report, talking about how to choose, what I picked and specific recommendations in various price points. Get your free copy here.

The wildfires inspired my investigation, but air filters have benefits in all seasons. They help reduce allergies, allay mold sickness and some even filter out viruses.

If clean air is on your mind, don’t wait until the next wildfire season to order. Learn from my mistake and don’t put off your purchase until things get urgent.


—Dr. Orna