FREE Holistically Healthy Family Summit

I hope you’ll join me Feb. 27-March 1 for the FREE Holistically Healthy Family Summit hosted by my dear herbalist friend Mel Mutterspaugh.

For three days, I’ll be joining 25 other natural-health experts talking about tools folks can use at home to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.


Dr. Orna Izakson is speaking at the Holistically Health Family Summit


My talk at the summit: Flower Power: Adding Flower Essences to Your Home-Health Toolkit. Essences are one of my favorite ways to help patients transform mindsets that are creating obstacles in their lives. (Read more here about flower essences and how I use them in practice.)

The presentation is intended as a super introductory course, so you can get started at home — safely and right away.

The summit is entirely free, with upgrade options. (I do get some money if you purchase, so please use the link here to register.)

A portion of the proceeds will support one of my very favorite nonprofits, Our Children’s Trust. Those are the folks behind the kids’ climate lawsuits, including the one in which my friend Kelsey is the lead plaintiff.

My talk is on the third day — Leap Day! — with a live Q&A on March 1.

I hope to see you at the Holistically Healthy Family Summit!


—Dr. Orna


Header photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash.